Google Stackdriver Integrations

Google Stackdriver supports a rich and growing ecosystem of technology integrations to expand the IT ops, security, and compliance capabilities available to Google Cloud Platform customers.

Atlassian, with products like HipChat and JIRA, provides a collaboration suite helping teams plan, build, and ship software. The integration between Stackdriver and HipChat enables Google Cloud Platform to alert teams whenever a service interruption requires immediate action, so the right experts can swarm in on incidents as they happen and fix them faster. Learn more.

BMC provides software and solutions for enterprise customers who are building in a hybrid environment across private and public clouds. BMC complements Google Stackdriver by providing users world-class security, compliance, and cloud lifecycle management suite.

OpsGenie is an incident-response orchestration platform that makes operational performance more effective for Google Cloud Platform's customers by reducing mean time to repair and eliminating alert fatigue. OpsGenie dispatches Google Stackdriver alerts, leveraging on-call schedules and escalating alerts until acknowledged or closed.
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Netskope is a Cloud Access Security Broker that helps organizations adopt Cloud services in a secure manner. Netskope uses Google Cloud Pub/Sub to give customers a centralized view of their GCP projects, including audit trail activity for projects, resources, and service accounts. Netskope helps build consistent DLP policies for all cloud storage services, including Google Cloud Storage. Learn more.

PagerDuty is an agile incident management solution that integrates with Google Stackdriver to provide customers with a view across their Google Cloud Platform application development pipelines, reducing incident response times and improving application reliability. Learn more.

Splunk Enterprise is a software platform for real-time operational intelligence. Splunk’s SIEM capabilities can help Google Cloud Platform’s enterprise customers run even more securely and detect potentially concerning issues before they become problems.
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Sumo Logic is a cloud-native service for monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing your apps running on Google Cloud Platform and wherever your code lives. Sumo Logic integrates with Google Stackdriver to give you a comprehensive view of your app performance, while also helping you identify and investigate security threats, and maintain compliance.
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Tenable Network Security transforms security technology for the business needs of tomorrow through comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and critical context across platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, enabling decisive actions to protect your organization. Learn more.

xMatters delivers integration-driven collaboration that relays data between systems, while engaging the right people to proactively resolve issues. Stackdriver alerts trigger xMatters notifications with responses integrated into all your IT tools, replacing manual steps in your incident management process. Learn more.

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