Quotas and Limits

See the API dashboard for your current API activity. Click on an API and select Quotas to see your quota.

The following limits also apply to your use of Stackdriver Logging:

Size and usage limits

Category Maximum value
Size of a log entry 100 KB*
Size of an entries.write request 5 MB*
Number of entries.write API calls 1000 per second, per project
Number of entries.list API calls 1 per second, per project
User-defined logs-based metrics 500 per project
Expiration of page tokens from the API 24 hours
Export sinks 90 per project
Exclusion filters 50 per project

* This approximate limit is based on internal data sizes, not the actual REST API request size.

Logs retention periods

Log type Retention period
Admin Activity audit logs 400 days (Premium Tier)
400 days (Basic Tier)
Data Access audit logs 30 days (Premium Tier)
7 days (Basic Tier)
Logs other than audit logs 30 days (Premium Tier)
7 days (Basic Tier)

For information about Admin Activity and Data Access audit logs, see Cloud Audit Logging.

Your project logs are subject to Basic Tier retention periods unless your project is associated with a Stackdriver account and you have selected the Premium service tier. For more information, see Stackdriver accounts.

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