Quotas and Limits

To ensure efficient operation, Stackdriver Monitoring imposes the following usage limits. Contact us if you require more capacity.

Custom metrics

Category Maximum value
Active time series1 100,0002
Custom metric descriptors per project 5002
Labels per metric descriptor 10
String length for label key 100
String length for label value 1024
Time series included in a request3 200
Histogram buckets per custom distribution metric 200

1 A time series is active if you have written data points to it within the last 24 hours. The number of active time series is recorded in the metric monitoring.googleapis.com/monitoring/stats/num_time_series.
2 The maximum value is for a project's combined logs-based metrics in Stackdriver Logging and custom metrics in Stackdriver Monitoring.
3 You can write only one data point for each time series in a request, so this limit also functions as the maximum number of points that can be written per request.

Monitoring API quotas and limits

Category Maximum value
Limits to API usage See the API dashboard. Click an API and select Quotas to see your quota.
Lifetime of API page tokens 24 hours

Data retention

Metric data points older than the retention period are deleted from time series.

Category Value
Retention of metric data points 6 weeks
Lifetime of API page tokens 24 hours

Resource groups

Category Value
Number of resource groups per Workspace 500

Workspace limits

A Workspace can contain up to 100 GCP projects. See Using Workspaces for more information.

Limits for alerting and uptime checks

Category Value
Uptime checks per Workspace 100
Alerting policies per Workspace 500
Conditions per alerting policy 6
Notification channels per alerting policy 16
Notification channels per Workspace 4000

Limits for charting

Category Value
Charts on a dashboard 25
Lines on a chart 300
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