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Improve citizen services, increase operational effectiveness, and deliver proven innovation at your government agency with our highly secured, powerful technology.

Scale with Confidence

Manage your growing data archives.

Move your diverse, complex datasets to the one of the world’s largest private fiber-optic cloud networks. With Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) powerful technology, you can scale your storage and analytics capabilities without affecting speed or security. No matter the size or complexity of the datasets — whether it's public records and tax data or security video and traffic cam feeds — our Big Data tools can help you efficiently organize and make sense of it all. And to stay ahead of service interruptions, you can design a robust disaster recovery plan without having to worry about managing capacity or infrastructure.

Our solutions are easily adaptable for multi-cloud or hybrid environments and we have services to help you migrate quickly and securely. Start by contacting us or teaming up with a Google Cloud partner. Or sign up for a free trial with $300 credit to get your projects up and running quickly.


Collaborate Securely

Flexible solutions for more productive teams.

Stay agile, attract new employees, and keep your work secure with next-gen products like Chrome, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Android, and Jamboard. With cloud-based productivity tools, your agency staff, case workers, and inspectors can access the information they need from any device, without risking data security. That means no waiting for files to sync or for staff to get back in the office. G Suite has everything you need for your teams to do their best work.


Engage Your Citizens

Share information through easy-to-use apps.

Build a stronger community with the help of Google Cloud. Our tools can help you share information with citizens, receive and act on feedback from the community, and improve agency outreach and coordination.

Give people construction updates or allow them to report potholes by creating custom apps with App Engine, powered by Google Cloud Platform. Conduct virtual town halls where citizens can ask questions and provide feedback right from their homes with secured Hangouts Meet video conferencing. Get federal, state, and local agencies on the same page before a natural disaster with Google Sites and Google Maps Platform.



Unlock Actionable Insights

Better intelligence from industry-leading machine learning.

Pull new and valuable insights out of mountains of data with our machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Get insights about everything from security and fraud detection to optimized resource scheduling.

Machine learning isn’t as simple as flipping a switch, but with Google Cloud, you don’t need a huge team of data scientists to get the most out of your data. You can start by taking advantage of proven, pre-trained models that we built (and still use ourselves) like Cloud Vision, Natural Language, and Translate. The Video Intelligence API, for example, makes videos searchable and discoverable — which is particularly useful for agencies that have to search through hours of video data manually. Alternatively, you can create your own custom models with Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow, one of the most popular machine learning library among researchers across the globe.

If you have high-impact machine learning projects, you can partner directly with Google Cloud ML experts at the Advanced Solutions Lab.

Researchers at the National Institute on Aging can more securely store, process, explore, and share large biological datasets with Google Cloud Platform.

Security & Compliance

We do our part to help you protect sensitive PII — protecting your agency and preserving your citizens’ privacy by offering comprehensive data protection, identity management, network security, and threat detection and response capabilities. To earn your trust, we certify our products against global security and privacy standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018, as well as U.S. government requirements such as FedRAMP and HIPAA. Our comprehensive security capabilities can help you meet guidance such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, UK NCSC Cloud Security Principles, Singapore MTCS, and others.

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Our Customers

National Institute on Aging

The National Institute on Aging processed nearly 200TB of data for 6,500 exomes in just 3.5 weeks on GCP.

Chicago Department of Transportation

Partner: SADA Systems

Chicago Department of Transportation saved $24 million in duplicative work thanks to its internal maps app.

Omaha and Douglas County

Partner: DotCOMM

DotCOMM delivered better government services in Omaha and Douglas county, NE, at lower costs with Chrome.


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