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Translation Hub

Easily translate content into 135 languages with an intuitive, business-user-friendly interface and integrate human feedback where required. Translation Hub makes it possible for enterprises to customize and manage translation workloads at a previously unachievable scale and cost.

  • Self-service tool, zero deployment time

  • Strong enterprise administration and control 

  • Compatible with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and Adobe PDFs

  • New Google Cloud customers get $300 in free credits to fully explore


Consumerization of enterprise translation

The only enterprise-business-user-oriented translation service available from a leading cloud provider. 

Advanced customization options

Solve for pain points that have prevented scale adoption of machine translation in the enterprise. 

Enterprise-grade control and security

Central administrative control and ability to manage multiple configurations. Complete data security for translated content. 

Key features

Key features

Self-service tool, zero deployment time

Your organization’s Translation Hub administrator uses the Google Cloud console to manage business users typically by adding their email, which triggers an invite to the business user. Once a business user is added, they can sign in using their credentials and start translating documents with a few clicks. 

Translate in seconds to 135 languages

Translation Hub supports one-click, AI-powered translation into 135 languages based on Google's neural machine translation (NMT), which uses state-of-the-art training techniques for machine translation, including zero-resource translation for languages with no language-specific translation examples. 

Enjoy rich format preservation

Translation Hub preserves the design and format of the original document so that translated documents have the same look and feel as the original. This includes preservation of format for any post-editing changes during human reviews of translated content. 

Strong enterprise administration, control, and security

Translation Hub was built with complex enterprise translation needs in mind. Translation Hub lets a central administrator easily manage multiple portals or configurations of Translation Hub for different departments, each with its own assigned users. Different departments can maintain their own “glossaries” for commonly used translation terms, “translation memory” services, and independent billing and charge-backs. Translation Hub offers complete data encryption. Your data is yours and never used or accessed by Google for any purpose.  

Flexible tiers to meet your translation needs

Translation Hub charges you based on the number of translated pages. Pricing is tier based. The basic tier costs $0.15 per page and offers glossary support and translation templates. The advanced tier costs $0.50 per page* and includes post-editing support for human reviews (Human in the Loop) and the ability to ingest custom ML models for translation.   

"In just 3 months of using Translation Hub and custom AutoML models, our translated page count went up 700% and cost reduced by 90%. Numbers apart, with Translation Hub employees feel included as they can express themselves in 32 native languages, and be understood in 47 target languages, as in internal documentation, product data sheets, government contracts, pin-up board notices, etc."

Murali Nathan, Digital Innovation and Employee Experience Lead, Avery Dennison



Google Cloud Basics
Compare basic and advanced tiers

Translation Hub offers two tiers of services and pricing, basic and advanced. Find out which features are common and which are exclusive to each tier. 

Google Cloud Basics
Supported languages

Find out which languages are supported by Translation Hub for machine translation. As new languages are added, the list is updated. 

Google Cloud Basics
Post-editing overview

For advanced-tier portals, Translation Hub integrates post-editing into the overall translation workflow so that you can manage the full translation workflow.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Business user: Request translations (basic tier)

As a business user, you can easily translate documents by signing in to a portal that you've been added to. Your organization's administrator adds you to a portal and sets your sign-in method. For the EMAIL_PASSWORD method, you will receive an email notification with instructions for signing in. For the Google account method, simply go to https://translationhub.cloud.google.com and sign in with your Google Account. 

Use case
Business user: Request post-edits (advanced tier)

When using the advanced tier of Translation Hub, you can send machine-translated content to post-editing. During post-editing, translators review the machine-translated document and make edits. If you selected a translation memory with your initial translation request, Translation Hub saves any edits made by the translator to that translation memory. If you didn't select a translation memory, Translation Hub doesn't save any edits.

Use case
Translator: Edit translations (advanced tier)

As a translator, you review and edit machine-translated content. Before you begin, an administrator must add you to a translator group. After receiving an email notification that a new document is ready for review, click the included link to go to the editing console. To edit a translated segment, click the segment to highlight it and then click Edit. When you're done with your review, click Submit at the end of the document. 

Use case
Admin: Set up a project

To start using Translation Hub, an administrator must create or use an existing Google Cloud project for your organization. The setup process involves using the Google Cloud console, which is a web interface that you can use to provision, configure, manage, and monitor resources in Google Cloud. Read more



Translation Hub pricing is based on usage, so you only pay for what you use. Translation Hub offers two pricing tiers for basic features and advanced features. Pricing is per translated page. The basic tier costs $0.15* per page and offers glossary support and translation templates. The advanced tier costs $0.50* per page and includes post-editing support for human reviews (Human in the Loop) and the ability to ingest custom ML models for translation. You can choose which tier you want to opt for when setting up a portal for Translation Hub. Different departments in the same organization can opt for the basic or advanced tier based on their preferences. For more information, see Compare basic and advanced tiers or Translation Hub pricing.

*Translation Hub counts pages by page breaks or slides.