Resell Cloud Marketplace products from ISVs

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If you've been accepted in the Partner Advantage program and authorized in the Sell Engagement Model, you can act as a reseller to resell products offered by independent software vendors (ISVs).

If an ISV doesn't enable reselling of their products, you can't use a Cloud Billing account linked to your reseller account to purchase that ISV's products.

If you resell products to a customer that has a Google Cloud committed use discount (CUD) on their Cloud Billing account, their usage of the resold products doesn't count as eligible usage towards their CUD. If you've configured a CUD for your reseller Cloud Billing account, transactions you make with that Cloud Billing account count as eligible usage towards your CUD. If you want to resell Cloud Marketplace products to customers and have CUDs apply to those offers, configure the CUD for your Cloud Billing account and ensure that transactions use that Cloud Billing account.

Request a reseller discount from an ISV

As part of a limited preview program, some ISVs can offer discounts as incentives to partners who resell their Cloud Marketplace products.

ISVs who've enrolled in the program can choose to offer you a discount on their products as an incentive. This enables you to offer discounts on their products to your customers.

When an ISV configures a discount for you as a reseller, that discount applies to all purchases of their products from Cloud Marketplace that you make with your linked Cloud Billing account and that are invoiced during the duration they specify.

When a customer purchases products you resell, they can't see the amount of any reseller discount that you receive from the ISV.

To provision a reseller discount:

  1. The ISV must submit a discount provisioning request to Google.

  2. After Google processes the provisioning request, Cloud Marketplace sends you an email with details of the discount the ISV requested. To confirm acceptance of the discount, you must respond to the email.

  3. After you respond to the email to confirm your acceptance of the discount, Google provisions the discount. This might take up to four business days.

  4. After the discount is provisioned, Cloud Marketplace sends both you and the ISV an email confirming that the discount has been provisioned successfully.

Additional resources

To enable reselling for products you offer on Cloud Marketplace, visit Set up your Cloud Marketplace products for resale.