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For applications running on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

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Real-time log management and analysis

Real-time log management and analysis

Stackdriver Logging allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our API also allows ingestion of any custom log data from any source. Stackdriver Logging is a fully managed service that performs at scale and can ingest application and system log data from thousands of VMs. Even better, you can analyze all that log data in real time.

Seamlessly resolve issues

Stackdriver Logging is a fully integrated solution that works seamlessly with Stackdriver Monitoring, Trace, Error Reporting, and Debugger. The integration allows you to navigate between incidents, charts, traces, errors, and logs. This helps you quickly find the root cause of issues in your system and applications.

Scalable and fully managed

Stackdriver Logging is built to scale and works well at sub-second ingestion latency at terabytes per second. Stackdriver Logging is a fully managed solution that takes away overhead of deploying or managing a cluster, thus allowing you to focus your energy on innovation and building a product.

All your cloud logs in one place

Whether you are running applications in a multi-cloud environment or migrating from one to the other, Stackdriver Logging lets you manage and analyze log data from AWS as well as Google Cloud Platform in one place.

Real-time insights

Analyze high-volume application and system logs in real time with Stackdriver Logging. Combine the power of the Google Stackdriver suite with Google Cloud Platform’s data and analytics products for advanced log analysis. For example, you can create powerful real-time metrics from the log data and analyze log data in real time in BigQuery.


Custom logs / Ingestion API

Stackdriver Logging has a public API which can be used to write any custom log, from any source, into the service.

Logs alerting

Integration with Stackdriver Monitoring allows you to set alerts on the logs events, including the logs-based metrics you have defined.

AWS integration / agent

Stackdriver Logging uses a Google-customized and packaged Fluentd agent that can be installed on any AWS or Google Cloud Platform VM to ingest log data from Google Cloud Platform instances (for example, Compute Engine, Managed VMs, or Containers) as well as AWS EC2 instances.

Advanced analytics with BigQuery

Take out data with one-click configuration in real time to BigQuery for advanced analytics and SQL-like querying.

Logs retention

Allows you to retain the logs in Stackdriver Logging for 30 days, and gives you a one-click configuration tool to archive data for a longer period in Cloud Storage.

Archive with Cloud Storage

Export log data to Cloud Storage to archive so you can store data for longer periods of time in a cost-effective manner.

Stream logs with Cloud Pub/Sub

Stream your logging data via Cloud Pub/Sub with a third-party solution or a custom endpoint of your choice.

Logs search

A powerful interface to search, slice and dice, and browse log data.

Third-party integrations

Stackdriver Logging supports easy integration with Splunk and other partners.

Logs-based metrics

Stackdriver Logging allows you to create metrics from log data which appears seamlessly in Stackdriver Monitoring, where you can visualize these metrics and create dashboards.

Audit logging

Stackdriver Logs Viewer, APIs, and the gCloud CLI can be used to access audit logs that capture all the admin and data access events within the Google Cloud Platform.

At Wix we use Stackdriver Logging and BigQuery to analyze logs of Compute Engine auto-scaled deployments. We get a large volume of syslog data that we send to BigQuery to get insights on system health state and error rates. We generate time series data and integrate it with Stackdriver Monitoring to monitor system performance and business metrics. This provides us with essential insight for the running of our operations.

Dmitry Shestak, Infrastructure Engineer, Wix



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Stackdriver Logging data $0.50/GiB First 50 GiB/project July 1, 2018
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