Stackdriver Error Reporting documentation

Stackdriver Error Reporting aggregates and displays errors produced in your running cloud services.

Supported languages are Go, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. To report errors from Android and iOS client applications, we recommend setting up Firebase Crash Reporting.

Stackdriver Error Reporting is Generally Available for Google Cloud Functions and Google App Engine standard environment and is a Beta feature for Google App Engine flexible environment, Google Compute Engine, and AWS EC2.

Reporting errors from your application can be achieved by logging application errors to Google Stackdriver Logging or by calling an API endpoint. The setup process depends on your platform; please refer to the setup guides.

Information in Stackdriver Error Reporting is retained for 30 days.

Error Reporting displays errors for the currently-selected GCP Console project. It does not support Stackdriver Workspaces.

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Stackdriver Error Reporting
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