Quotas and limits

The following limits apply to your use of Stackdriver Error Reporting:

API activity limits

Quota name Limit
Error event data requests per day 3,000
Error event data requests per minute per user 60
Error group metadata requests per day 3,000
Error group metadata requests per minute per user 60
Error reports per day 170,000
Error reports per minute 6,000

You can also see the API dashboard for your current API activity and quotas. Click on an API and select Quotas to see your limits.

Requesting more quota

You can request higher Stackdriver Error Reporting API limits using the Google Cloud Console:

  1. In the Quotas page, use the checkboxes to select Stackdriver Error Reporting API, then click EDIT QUOTAS.

    Billing must be enabled on the project in order to click the checkboxes.

  2. In the Edit Quotas panel, complete the form with your Name, Email , and Phone details, then click Next.

  3. In the Edit Quotas panel, select the service to expand the view, then edit the quotas in that service to your requested limit. Click Done.

  4. Click Submit request.

You can also contact Google Cloud Support to request more Error Reporting API quota. The other limits are fixed and as detailed on this page.

For more information, go to Working with quotas.

Deployment limits

There is a limit of 10,000 deployment-error group pairs, where a deployment is a combination of service and version. Once you have reached this limit, Stackdriver Error Reporting will discard the oldest (or less-recently modified) deployments and their associated error data.

Data retention periods

Information in Stackdriver Error Reporting is retained for 30 days.

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