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If your application errors are not showing up in Error Reporting, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

Before running these steps, ensure you have the Google Cloud CLI installed and that you have the beta component enabled for the gcloud CLI.

When using logs

Generate a sample log entry

To confirm your project settings, you can programmatically generate a log entry that will be picked up by Error Reporting with the following gcloud command:

gcloud logging write --payload-type=json test-errors-log \
    {"service": "manual-testing"},
    "message": "Test Error\n at /test.js:42:42",
    "context": {"httpRequest":
      {"url": "/test","method": "GET","responseStatusCode": 500}}}'

Then open Error Reporting and confirm that you see the newly created error.

Confirm the log entry format

Navigate to the Cloud Logging page and locate a log entry that contains exception data sent from your application.

Confirm that the log entry uses the expected format.

When using the Error Reporting API

Enable the API

Confirm that you have the Error Reporting API enabled in the Google Cloud console.

Send a test error

Try sending an error to the service manually.

You can report a test error to Error Reporting using the following gcloud command:

gcloud beta error-reporting events report --service Manual --service-version test1 \
  --message "java.lang.TestError: msg
    at com.example.TestClass.test(
    at com.example.AnotherClass("

You can use a cURL command to test your REST API calls. Replace PROJECT_ID and API_KEY with your valid values before sending the following command:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"message":"java.lang.TestError: msg\n\tat com.example.TestClass.test(\n\tat com.example.AnotherClass(","serviceContext":{"service":"manual-testing"}}' \

Confirm the sent payload

Make sure that your application is sending exception data to the API in the correct format and that it contains the required attributes.