Overview of the OSS UI (Dashboard)

This page provides an overview of the OSS UI (Dashboard) in Kubernetes, and how to use it with Kubernetes Engine.


The Kubernetes Dashboard (or just "Dashboard") is a web-based interface to Kubernetes clusters. It allows you to deploy containerized applications, troubleshoot them, and manage the Kubernetes cluster itself.

Dashboard can be used for viewing and editing workload resources of a Kubernetes cluster, for example, Deployments or Daemon Sets. Dashboard also shows the state and resource usage of running applications and the cluster.

Dashboard's interface is installed by default on all Kubernetes Engine clusters.

Dashboard homescreen example

When to use Dashboard

Use Dashboard whenever you troubleshoot or debug your applications. The interface allows you to access logs, see the state and validate resource usage of all your applications. It allows you to browse resources and see highlighted problems with them, so that you can live troubleshoot apps. Built-in logs viewer and resource usage monitoring help with debugging production issues.

Use Dashboard as a replacement to command line and direct API calls. The interface shows all the information you need in an easy to digest and browse way. It allows for creating, viewing and editing resources exactly as the command line and API do.

Use Dashboard to understand Kubernetes and learn how to use it. The interface guides you through deployment of your applications and shows their live state. It has built-in documentation that can help you with understanding Kubernetes concepts.

How to access Dashboard

To enable Dashboard using the gcloud command-line tool, run the following command:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials [CLUSTER-NAME] --zone=[ZONE] --project=[PROJECT-ID]

Then start a proxy to the Kubernetes API server:

kubectl proxy

Then navigate to this link in your browser: localhost:8001/ui

What's next

More information on the Kubernetes Dashboard is available on the Kubernetes site.

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