Shrink a VMware Engine private cloud

Google provides the flexibility to dynamically shrink a private cloud. A private cloud consists of one or more vSphere clusters. Each cluster can have 3 to 16 nodes. When shrinking a private cloud, you remove a node from the existing cluster or delete an entire cluster.


  • The vSphere client must have more than three nodes. A cluster with only three nodes can't be shrunk.

  • The total storage consumed can't exceed the total capacity after a cluster has been shrunk.

  • You can't shrink a private cloud by deleting the first cluster that was created when the private cloud was created.

Shrink a private cloud

  1. Access the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal.
  2. Open the Resources page.
  3. Select the private cloud you want to shrink.
  4. On the Summary page, click Shrink.
  5. Select the cluster that you want to shrink or delete.
  6. Select Remove one node or Delete the whole cluster.
  7. Verify the cluster capacity.
  8. Click Submit to shrink the private cloud.

The shrink process begins. To monitor the progress, select Activity > Tasks. The shrink process requires resynchronization in vSAN and can take a few hours, depending on the data.

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