VMware Engine is upgrading existing private clouds to use newer VMware components. See Service announcements for more details.

Creating a VMware Engine private cloud

A private cloud is an isolated VMware stack that consists of ESXi hosts, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX. You manage private clouds through the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal. When you create a private cloud, you get a single vSphere cluster and all the management VMs that are created in that cluster.

Before you begin

VMware Engine deploys management components in the network that is selected for vSphere/vSAN subnets. The network IP address range is divided into different subnets during the deployment.

Before you begin, allocate a unique IP address range for vSphere/vSAN subnets for the private cloud. The vSphere/vSAN subnet address space must not overlap with any network that communicates with the VMware Engine environment. Networks that communicate with the private cloud include both on-premises networks and Google Cloud VPCs. For more information about vSphere/vSAN subnets, see VLANs and subnets overview.

  • Minimum vSphere/vSAN subnets CIDR range prefix: /24
  • Maximum vSphere/vSAN subnets CIDR range prefix: /21

Create a private cloud

  1. Access the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal
  2. On the Resources page, click Create private cloud.
  3. Select the number of nodes for the private cloud. At least three are required.
  4. Enter a CIDR range for the VMware management network. For information about restrictions on this range, see the Before you begin section.
  5. Enter a CIDR range for the HCX deployment network, which is used for deploying HCX components. Make sure that the CIDR range doesn't overlap with any of your on-premises or cloud subnets. The CIDR range must be /27 or higher.
  6. Select Review and Create.
  7. Review the settings. To change any settings, click Back.
  8. Click Create to begin provisioning the private cloud.

Provisioning can take 30 minutes to 2 hours. After the provisioning is complete, you receive an email.

What's next