Accessing the vSphere client

From the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal, you can launch an instance of the vSphere client for your private cloud. You can also extend privileges temporarily if you need to perform administrative tasks.

  1. Access the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal
  2. On the home page, click Launch vSphere client.
  3. For the private cloud you're managing, click Launch vSphere Client.
  4. Select the default HTML5 client.
  5. Sign in with your vSphere credentials.

Default credentials

vCenter Server and HCX Manager

  • User name: CloudOwner@gve.local
  • Password: VMwareEngine123!

NSX Manager

  • User name: admin
  • Password: VMwareEngine123!

Change default vCenter Server password

Change your vCenter Server default password the first time you log in to vCenter Server.

The password must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum lifetime: Password must be changed every 365 days
  • Restrict reuse: Users can't reuse any of the previous five passwords
  • Length: 8‑20 characters
  • Special character: At least one special character
  • Alphabetic characters: At least one uppercase character, A‑Z, and at least one lowercase character, a‑z
  • Numbers: At least one numeric character, 0‑9
  • Maximum identical adjacent characters: Three

Example: aa or aaa is acceptable as a part of the password, but aaaa isn't.

If you set a password that doesn't meet the requirements, the following happens:

  • If you use the vSphere Flash Client, it reports an error.
  • If you use the HTML5 client, it doesn't report an error. The client doesn't accept the change, and the old password continues to work.

Change default NSX-T admin password

To change your default NSX-T admin user password, contact Google Cloud Support.

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