Workload VM migration

Using Google Cloud VMware Engine, you can migrate virtual machines (VMs) from an on-premises data center to your private cloud. Your private cloud provides native access to VMware vCenter, which supports a variety of tools for workload migration.

Migration options

You can migrate workload VMs to your private cloud in multiple ways. Here are some of the more common options to consider:

  • VMware HCX. Create a hybrid infrastructure by abstracting and presenting vSphere-based on-premises and cloud resources to applications as one continuous resource
  • Backup and disaster recovery tools. Use your private cloud as a target to restore backups.
  • VMware PowerCLI. Migrate VMs from one vCenter to another using a command-line interface.
  • ISO files and templates. Create new VMs by uploading an ISO file to your private cloud and using a VM template from your published vSphere content library.
  • NSX Layer 2 VPN. Live migrate workload VMs by making an on-premises subnet available on your private cloud.

Migration requirements

Migration of VMs and data from your on-premises data center requires network connectivity between the data center and your private cloud. Before you can migrate workloads, set up a site-to-site VPN connection between your on-premises environment and your private cloud.

The network path from your on-premises vCenter environment to your private cloud must support migration of VMs by using vMotion. The vMotion network on your on-premises vCenter must have routing abilities. Verify that your firewall allows all vMotion traffic between your on-premises vCenter and private cloud vCenter. On the private cloud, routing on the vMotion network is configured by default.