Connecting from an on-premises network to VMware Engine private cloud

Google Cloud VMware Engine enables key use cases such as datacenter lift and shift, datacenter extension, and disaster recovery. These use cases require that you establish connectivity from your on-premises network to Google Cloud and your VMware Engine network.

Connecting from your on-premises network to VPC

Google Cloud offers multiple hybrid connectivity options such as Cloud VPN and Cloud Interconnect. Follow the links to learn how to set up Cloud VPN or Cloud Interconnect (Dedicated and Partner Interconnect) connections with your VPC. If you have already connected your on-premises network to a VPC, you can use this connection for this step.

Connecting from your VPC to VMware Engine in a region

Connection from your VPC to VMware Engine network uses private services access. To access your workload virtual machines (VMs) from an on-premises network or from your VPC, you can set up private service access from your VPC to your VMware Engine network.

End-to-end connectivity and routing considerations

To allow a VMware Engine regional network to reach on-premises networks, you must enable Import/export custom routes on the VPC peering connection associated with the private service access. This enables routes that are advertised from on-premises to the VPC to be propagated to the VMware Engine region.

When you use Cloud VPN for on-premises connection to the VPC, you must add VMware Engine networks to the Cloud VPN tunnel.

When you use Cloud Interconnect for on-premises connection to the VPC, you can add custom routes to the Cloud Router that terminates the Cloud Interconnect attachment.

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