Configuring VMware Aria Operations

Using data collected from system resources (objects), VMware Aria Operations identifies issues in monitored system components and suggests corrective actions you can take to fix them. VMware Aria Operations offers analytical tools to help you review and manipulate object data to reveal hidden issues, identify trends, or drill down to gauge the health of a single object.

Use VMware Aria Operations for operations management with application-to-storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. You can also view metrics and summary monitoring data for your Google Cloud VMware Engine private clouds.

For a list of prerequisites and known limitations, see Installing VMware Aria Operations for Google Cloud VMware Engine

Connect your vCenter Server to an external VMware Aria Operations

If you have an existing VMware Aria Operations deployment, you can connect your private cloud's vCenter Server to it as an endpoint. For example, you might have an existing VMware Aria Operations instance running on an on-premises vCenter Server.

Establish network connectivity to the VMware Aria Operations running externally by using Cloud VPN or Cloud Interconnect. Then, follow the steps in Using VMware Aria Operations on-premises for Google Cloud VMware Engine.

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