VMware Engine is upgrading existing private clouds to use newer VMware components. See Service announcements for more details.

Quotas and limits

Before you can deploy a Google Cloud VMware Engine private cloud to a Cloud project, you must assign that project a quota of nodes. You assign VMware Engine node quota per Cloud project, per region. The default quota assigned to a project is zero nodes.

Quotas and resource availability

VMware Engine node quotas specify the maximum number of nodes you can create, if nodes are available. Quotas do not ensure node availability. If no resources are available, you won't be able to create private clouds or add nodes to an existing private cloud, even if you have remaining quota in your region or project.

Node limits

When planning your VMware Engine resource needs, consider the number of nodes you need in your private cloud. When requesting a quota of nodes, refer to the node limits on private cloud resources.

Requesting quota

To request a quota of VMware Engine nodes for the project where you want to deploy your private cloud, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Quotas page.

    Go to Quotas

  2. On the Quotas page, filter by service for VMware Engine nodes.

  3. Select the region where you want to apply the quota for VMware Engine nodes.

  4. Click Edit Quotas.

  5. Fill out your name, email, and phone number, and click Next.

  6. Enter your request to increase your quota, and click Next. You must request at least three nodes if you are requesting quota for this project for the first time.

  7. Submit your request.

A request to decrease quota is rejected by default. If you must reduce your quota, reply to the support email with an explanation of your requirements. A support representative from the Compute Engine team will respond to your request within 24 to 48 hours.

Available nodes in your project

When you create a private cloud or add nodes to a private cloud, the VMware Engine portal shows the number of available nodes in your Cloud project. Available nodes are shown by region. If you need additional nodes, or if you need nodes in a different region, you can request quota increase for the project.

Create private cloud.

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