Deploying an API

This page describes how to deploy an API. For detailed information on what happens during the deployment process, see the concepts document API Deployment and Re-deployment.

To deploy your API:

  1. Change directory to the location containing your API's openapi.yaml file.

  2. Invoke the following command:

    gcloud service-management deploy openapi.yaml
  3. Wait for a success message, which looks something like the following:

    `@type`: type:
    persisted: true
    - /services/
    startTime: 2016-05-20 11:28:23 PDT
    - description: update Service Control
      id: Service Control
      status: IN_PROGRESS

    If you are using a domain, but haven't successfully verified your domain ownership, you get the following deployment error:

    ERROR: (gcloud.alpha.service-management.deploy) ResponseError: code=403,
    message=Domain ownership verification required to use service name
    '' on project 'your project'...

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