Serving multiple APIs from a domain

This page shows you how to run multiple independent APIs on your own custom domain (for example,

Before you begin

To use a custom domain, follow the instructions in Verifying a domain name. During that process, you must confirm ownership of the domain. This confirmation lets you deploy and service APIs on any of its subdomains.

For example, if domain ownership is established for, service names can include subdomains of such as or

Deploying an API on a subdomain

The following example deploys the API to the subdomain

  1. Set the host field of your OpenAPI document to and set the other fields as described in Configuring Cloud Endpoints.

  2. Deploy the Endpoints configuration.

  3. Deploy the API backend.

Now you can send requests to and view graphs of those requests on the Endpoints > Services page.

Deploying your next API

To deploy another API, repeat the preceding steps, changing the subdomain to the subdomain you are using for the next API.