Troubleshooting App Engine Flexible Deployment

This document presents troubleshooting techniques for Google Cloud Endpoints deployments in App Engine flexible environments.

Identifying the service name

Cloud Endpoints uses the OpenAPI host property as the Endpoints service name. You use this service name when interacting with the service in the Cloud Console, or via the gcloud command-line tool. We recommend that you use the following format when you set the host property:


For example:

host: ""

To get a list of produced services for a project:

gcloud endpoints services list

Viewing logs

App Engine crash and system logs provide information on why the application failed to launch or perform as intended. Further debugging information can be found in the Cloud Endpoints log.

To view the Cloud Endpoints logs:

  1. SSH into your virtual machine:

     gcloud compute --project [PROJECT-ID] ssh --zone [ZONE]

    Replace [PROJECT-ID] with the instance's project ID. Replace [ZONE] with the zone the instance is running in. Do not include the square brackets.

  2. Use a text viewer such as tail:

     tail -f /var/log/nginx/error.log

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