Creating a Custom nginx.conf to Support CORS

As described in Adding CORS support to ESP, you can configure the Extensible Service Proxy (ESP) to support CORS. If the ESP options don't provide the CORS support that your application requires, you can add the CORS options to ESP's configuration file, nginx.conf.

Adding the CORS options to nginx.conf

To add the CORS options:

  1. Start with a nginx.conf file that contains the configuration required by Cloud Endpoints. You can start with the sample nginx.conf, or if you have already deployed ESP, you can SSH to the ESP container and copy the nginx.conf file from the /etc/nginx/endpoints/ directory.

  2. Add the CORS options that your application requires to nginx.conf. You can use the CORS on NGINX example as a starting point.

  3. Start ESP with the --nginx_config option with the path to the custom nginx.conf file.

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