Service Infrastructure Overview

Service Infrastructure is Google’s foundational services platform, used by Endpoints and other services to create and manage APIs and services. Service Infrastructure provides authentication, logging, monitoring, billing, and quota management.

How it works

Using Service Infrastructure involves creating and deploying a service configuration, which specifies how your service behaves, such as each user’s quota limits. At runtime your service makes an API call to Service Infrastructure to check preconditions, such as whether your user has sufficient quota remaining, and reports telemetry.

List, enable, and disable APIs and services

Related to Service Infrastructure, the Service Usage API lets you list, enable, and disable other APIs and services in your GCP project. You can list and enable GCP services and their APIs, as well as services created using Endpoints. To learn more about listing and enabling services and APIs, see the Service Usage documentation.

Public and private IP addresses

A managed service can let users (service consumers) set public or private (RFC 1918) IP addresses on resources that are provisioned by the service. Some consumers might prefer the increased security of a private IP address while others might prefer the flexibility of a public IP address.

For example, consumers can enable a Cloud SQL service and then use a Endpoints API to provision a Cloud SQL instance. On each Cloud SQL instance, a consumer can set a public IP address, a private IP address, or both. As a service producer, you can offer one or both of those options.

Public connectivity doesn't require any additional configuration. However, to offer private connectivity, you must activate the Service Networking APIs and use tenant projects. For more information, see Enabling private services access.

Getting started

The best way to use Service Infrastructure is to use it indirectly using Endpoints. For more information on Service Infrastructure, see Creating and Deleting Managed Services.

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