Getting Started with the Service Networking API

This page describes how to enable and start using the Service Networking API. For most operational use cases, Google recommends the gcloud command line interface. If you need to program against the Service Networking API, you can use one of our provided client libraries.

Enabling the service

Enable Service Networking in the private services management project. This project handles the private connections with consumer VPC networks. For more information, see Enabling private services access.


  1. Select or create a private services management project.

    Go to the manage resources page

  2. Enable the Service Networking API.

    Enable the API


Activate the Service Networking API:

gcloud services enable \

Replace PROJECT_ID with the Google Cloud project ID of your private services management project.

Service Networking enables you to offer your managed services on internal IP addresses to service consumers. Service consumers use private services access to privately connect to your service. To set up your service for private services access, reach out to your Google representative for more information.