Unsupported OpenAPI Features

Currently, Cloud Endpoints accepts only version 2 of the OpenAPI Specification.

The following OpenAPI Specification features are not yet supported in Cloud Endpoints.

  • Polymorphism (base and derived types)
  • File type in operations body parameter ({“type”:“file”})
  • Header parameters
  • Form data parameters
  • Different response objects per status code
  • References to types outside of the specification ("$ref": "http://mydomain/mytype.json")
  • JSON: type: null
  • Type composition using allof
  • collectionFormat
  • Dependencies
  • Combining security policies with complex logic (AND and OR -- for example, indicating that a method requires (petstore_advance_auth) OR (petstore_auth AND api_key).
  • Runtime constraints (allowEmptyValue, readonly, required, enums)

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