Feature deprecations

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Google Cloud's terms of service define the deprecation policy that applies to Endpoints. The deprecation policy only applies to the features or services listed therein.

After an Endpoints feature has been officially deprecated, the feature continues to be available for at least the period of time defined in the terms of service. After this period of time, the feature or service is scheduled for shutdown.

The following table lists current Endpoints feature deprecations and the related shutdown schedules.

Feature Deprecated Shutdown date Details
Cloud Endpoints Portal March 21, 2022 March 21, 2023 On or after March 21, 2023, the Cloud Endpoints Portal will no longer be available. API traffic managed by Cloud Endpoints is not affected by this change. For more information, see Cloud Endpoints Portal deprecation.

The following table lists Endpoints features that were deprecated and have been shut down.

Feature Deprecated Shutdown date Details
Cloud Endpoints Frameworks v1 (App Engine standard environment) August 2, 2017 September 3, 2018 See Cloud Endpoints Framework v1 (App Engine standard environment) deprecation.