Currencies available for Cloud Billing auto-pay accounts


The article lists countries and regions where Cloud Billing accounts are charged in local currency, as well as the payment methods accepted in each country or region to pay for Google Cloud costs.

This article is not a price list for Google Cloud products.

About payment methods for Cloud Billing accounts

About currencies for Cloud Billing accounts

Each Cloud Billing account operates in a single currency, which you cannot change after you create your Cloud Billing account. If you need a Cloud Billing account to operate in a currency different than the currency of your existing Cloud Billing account, you will need to set up a new Cloud Billing account.

  • When Google charges in a local, non-USD currency, we convert Google Cloud prices from USD into the applicable local currency pursuant to the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.
  • The exchange rates are set at the beginning of every month.

    • Note that in 2022, we will set the Brazilian Real (BRL-to-USD) exchange rate at the beginning of each calendar quarter.
    • For select currencies, we provide protection from large month-to-month rate changes.
    • Visit our Exchange rates documentation for details.
  • If you export your Cloud Billing data to BigQuery, you can access the specific exchange rate information applied to your billing account. Look for the currency_conversion_rate field available in your standard, and detailed, usage cost data exports and pricing data export.

  • Not all currencies are supported for your Cloud Billing account.

List of countries and regions

Scroll down the table or use the filter tool to find your country or region.

If your country or region is not listed here, this might indicate that your country or region's currency is not supported for Google Cloud charges. In these instances, your Cloud Billing account might incur charges in USD.

For countries or regions not listed here, check the payment options tool for information.

Filter the list

Country or region Currency Payment methods
Andorra EUR credit/debit card
Australia AUD credit/debit card,
Austria EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Belgium EUR credit/debit card,
Bouvet Island NOK credit/debit card
Brazil BRL credit card
Canada CAD credit/debit card,
Christmas Island AUD credit/debit card
Cocos (Keeling) Islands AUD credit/debit card
Cyprus EUR credit/debit card
Czech Republic (Czechia) CZK credit/debit card,
Denmark DKK credit/debit card,
Estonia EUR credit/debit card
Faroe Islands DKK credit/debit card
Finland EUR credit/debit card,
France EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Germany EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Greece EUR credit/debit card,
Greenland DKK credit/debit card
Heard and McDonald Islands AUD credit/debit card
Hong Kong HKD credit/debit card
India INR credit/ debit* card
Indonesia IDR credit/debit card
Ireland EUR credit/debit card,
Israel ILS credit/debit card,
bank account
Italy EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Japan JPY credit/debit card,
Liechtenstein CHF credit/debit card
Luxembourg EUR credit/debit card
Malaysia MYR credit/debit card
Malta EUR credit/debit card
Mayotte EUR credit/debit card
Mexico MXN credit card
Monaco EUR credit/debit card
Montenegro EUR credit/debit card
Nauru AUD credit/debit card
Netherlands EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
New Zealand NZD credit/debit card
Norfolk Island AUD credit/debit card
Norway NOK credit/debit card,
Palestinian Territory ILS credit/debit card
Poland PLN credit/debit card,
Portugal EUR credit/debit card,
Reunion EUR credit/debit card
Russia RUB credit card
San Marino EUR credit/debit card
Singapore SGD credit/debit card,
Slovakia EUR credit/debit card
Slovenia EUR credit/debit card
South Korea KRW credit/debit card
Spain EUR credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands NOK credit/debit card
Sweden SEK credit/debit card,
Switzerland CHF credit/debit card,
Taiwan TWD credit/debit card
Thailand THB credit/debit card,
Turkey TRY credit/debit card
Tuvalu AUD credit/debit card
United States USD credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
United Kingdom GBP credit/debit card,
bank account, PayPal
Vatican EUR credit/debit card
Vietnam VND credit card

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