Support Packages

Bronze Support

Bronze support

We provide all of our customers with Bronze support giving you access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.

Silver Support

Silver support

If you want direct access to our support team for questions related to service functionality, best practice architectures, and service errors.

Gold Support

Gold support

If you want 24x7 phone support, more rapid target initial response times and consultation on application development, and architecture for your specific use case.

Platinum Support

Platinum support

If you want the most comprehensive, personal and customized support we offer. Includes everything in Gold support as well as direct access to the Technical Account Management team.

Support Package Comparison

Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Support Help Center yes yes yes yes
Documentation, White Papers, Best Practices Guides yes yes yes yes
Community Forums yes yes yes yes
Billing Support yes yes yes yes
Architecture Support Best Practice Use-Case Specific Use-Case Specific
Target Initial Response Time for P1 Issues 4 business hours 1 hour 15 minutes
Individuals with log-in access to Google for Work Support Center 2 5 Unlimited
Break/Fix Tickets yes yes yes
Consultative Tickets yes yes
Phone Support yes yes
24x7 Support for Critical Impact issues yes yes
24x7 Support for High Impact issues yes
Access to the Technical Account Management team yes
Pricing Free $150/month Buy Now Starts at $400/month Buy Now Contact for Pricing
Buy Now Buy Now

Please see our Technical Support Services Guidelines for the full details of our support offering.

Gold Package Monthly Support Fees

The monthly support fee for the Gold package is the greater of $400 or the amount calculated from the following fee schedule.

Monthly Support Fee Percentage Product Usage
9% of product usage fees between $0 - $10,000
+ 7% of product usage fees between $10,001 - $50,000
+ 5% of product usage fees between $50,001 - $200,000
+ 3% of product usage fees of $200,001 and over

When charging in local currency, Google will convert the prices listed into applicable local currency pursuant to the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.

"When something goes wrong,
Google’s top engineers get back to them (HTC) in minutes with smart answers that help them get back up and running."

- HTC Senior VP of Cloud, John Song

Community Support

Join the community of Google Cloud Platform software developers and system administrators, and learn from your peers how to get the most out of Google Cloud Platform technologies. Use the Stack Overflow links below for technical questions about software development, the Server Fault links for technical questions about system and network administration, and the Google Group links for all posts that are not technical questions. Visit the Cloud Community Help Center page for more information.