Enhanced Support overview

This page explains the features of Enhanced Support.

Enhanced Support is a paid support service that offers faster response times and additional services designed for medium to large companies running their Cloud workloads in production.

To purchase Enhanced Support, visit Purchasing and setting up Enhanced Support.


The following sections describe the features that come with your Enhanced Support offering.

Support cases

As an Enhanced Support customer, you engage with Customer Care by creating support cases in the Google Cloud console.

You can add an unlimited amount of users to your Enhanced Support offering. You manage your users' level of support access using Identity and Access Management (IAM). For details about managing IAM roles and permissions, visit Access control.

When managing support cases as an Enhanced Support customer, you have access to the following features:

  • P1 response SLO: For Priority 1 (P1) support cases, receive the first meaningful response within 1 hour.
  • 24/7 availability: Receive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) for cases of certain priority and language.
  • Language support: Request support across multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. For details on language support for Customer Care, visit Language Support and Working Hours.
  • Case escalation: Escalate to request additional attention for ongoing support cases.

To create and manage support cases, visit Managing cases.

Additional services

To automate and optimize your performance across Google Cloud, you have access to the following additional services:

  • Recommender: Receive recommendations and insights to help optimize your Google Cloud resources for cost, security, performance, and manageability. You can access Recommender through the Google Cloud console, or to automate recommendations, you can enable the Recommender API.

    For an overview of Recommender, visit the Recommender documentation.

  • Cloud Support API: Use the Cloud Support API to programmatically view and manage your support cases. The API lets you cascade case data across platforms to improve visibility of issues within their workflow or ticketing systems.

    To learn about the Cloud Support API, visit the Cloud Support API overview.

  • Third-Party Technology Support: If you work with multiple Cloud providers, work with Customer Care to set up, configure, and troubleshoot your support experiences across third-party services.

    For details about providers and support tiers, visit Third-Party Technology Support.

Value-Add Services

In addition to the features that come with Enhanced Support, you can purchase Value-Add Services to build additional support capabilities for your organization.

This section outlines Value-Add Services available to Enhanced Support customers.

Technical Account Advisor Service

Technical Account Advisor Service provides both proactive guidance and reactive support to help you succeed with your Cloud journey. This service guides you through your onboarding experience to Google Cloud and helps you to optimize and enable your Cloud strategy and operations. For more information, see Technical Account Advisor Service.

Our Technical Account Advisors work with you to deliver the following services:

  • Guided onboarding to help you get started with Enhanced Support and set up your operations with Google Cloud.
  • Best practices and additional support for your most critical cases, including proactive monitoring and guidance on case escalation.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews to assess your operational health across Google Cloud and deliver recommendations for improving your usage of Enhanced Support.
  • Recommended training paths and courses tailored to your organization's needs.

When you purchase Technical Account Advisor Service, you pay a monthly fee, with a minimum 1-year contract. After the first year, your contract is month-to-month. To learn about pricing or to purchase Technical Account Advisor Service, contact sales.

Planned Event Support

Planned Event Support provides your organization coverage for critical phases of high-traffic short-term digital events that last up to 5 days, like grand openings, new product launches, or data migrations.

Planned Event Support offers the following:

  • Before your event, Google technical experts conduct an Architecture Essentials Review to identify and solve potential issues in advance, like quota or storage capacity.
  • During your event, you receive an accelerated response time for P1 cases, with First Meaningful Response in 15 minutes.
  • After your event concludes, you receive a Performance Summary Report, which contains a restrospective analysis of how your cloud environment performed during the event. The report also identifies opportunities to improve your future events.

When you purchase Planned Event Support, you pay a one-time fee. You can purchase Planned Event Support up to three times per year. To learn about pricing or to purchase Planned Event Support, contact sales.

Assured Support

Assured Support delivers an essential layer of compliance by restricting support services for Assured Workloads, to address personnel meeting geographical location and personnel-based attributes requirements.

Assured Support is available for Premium Support and Enhanced Support customers in the US, EU, Canada (CAN), Israel (IL), and Australia (AUS).

For the list of products and services that are supported by Assured Workloads, see Supported products by compliance regime.

For US-based organizations, Assured Support enables compliance requirements for FedRAMP High, IL4, and CJIS. For organizations based in EU, CAN, IL, and AUS, Assured Support enables compliance controls for personnel attributes and geographic location.

Contact sales or your TAM to purchase Assured Support.


The monthly charges for Google Cloud Customer Care include a base service fee plus a variable fee per organization. Enhanced Support has a fixed base service fee of $500 per month and a variable fee of 3% of monthly charges. Monthly support charges are calculated as a percentage of Total Cost as reflected in your monthly bill after applicable discount programs (not including certain usage and/or spend based discounts and credits, which are taken out after the support fee is calculated).

The charges for certain Google Cloud services, such as 3rd Party Google Cloud Marketplace Spend, Google Cloud Learning Services, and Cloud Consulting Services are not included in the Google Cloud Customer Care Support variable fee calculation.

Enhanced Support is a monthly subscription that auto-renews until canceled. If you cancel your Google Cloud Customer Care Support subscription within the calendar month, you will receive and be charged for Support for the remainder of the calendar month. Google Cloud reserves the right to refuse to provide Support to any customer that frequently signs up for and then cancels Google Cloud Customer Care Support.

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