Google Cloud and integrations support

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Over the years, Google Cloud has acquired companies and integrated into its portfolio. This document describes how Google Cloud support is extended for these integrations.

Google Cloud provides support for the following integrations:


This document describes how support is changing for Looker customers who use Google Cloud products.

Google Cloud acquired Looker in 2020. Until now you had been reaching out to Looker for queries about this product. Looker Support is now integrating with Google Cloud to deliver a streamlined service, so that Google Cloud Customer Care can answer all your queries. This means customers who signed up for Looker and Google Cloud Standard or Enhanced support can raise and manage technical issues for Looker and Google Cloud solutions consistently in a single powerful way without the inconvenience of switching between the systems.

With this development comes changes to how support will be delivered. To start with, Looker Support will no longer be available when you want to renew your support subscription. Instead, you can opt for one of the services from the Customer Care portfolio. While the Looker Chat is still available to answer queries about Looker, you can use the Google Cloud console to track, manage, and escalate your cases. You also have access to all the additional features provided by the support service you choose.

For more information on how these changes affect you, see FAQs.

Set up support for integrations

The following section describes support processes and show you how to set up support for integrations.

Choose a Customer Care service

Each service in the Customer Care portfolio is designed to meet you where you are in your cloud journey. Compare Customer Care services to find the one that best suits your business needs.

Get started with Customer Care

Once you've chosen a support service, sign up for it.

See How to sign up for support.

Grant access to support service

Before you can view and manage support cases, you need the required permissions. Your administrator can give you the required permissions through Identity and Access Management (IAM).

See How to grant IAM roles.

Submit a support case

If you have a technical issue with Looker or Google Cloud, raise a case with Customer Care.

See How to create a support case.

Manage support cases

You can manage cases from the Cases page. Any user in your organization with permission to edit support cases can comment on the case, upload file attachments, or modify case attributes, even if they did not create the case.

See How to manage existing support cases.

Escalate a case

If an issue is causing a pressing negative impact to your business and you require help beyond the regular case route, use the Escalate button. Escalating your case pages a case Escalation Manager who provides additional resources to fast-track the resolution process and minimize any impact on your business.

See How to escalate a case.


Why is my support changing?

In early 2020, Looker was acquired by Google. Since that time, you've been accustomed to accessing the cloud support service for issues related to Google Cloud products, and reaching out to Looker support for queries about Looker. Looker and Google Cloud are now integrated to deliver a streamlined service. Accessing support for both Google and Looker products under a single platform delivers powerful benefits. You'll enjoy the same Looker service you know and love, enhanced and expanded in what it offers.

What does this mean for me?

With the Looker customer support integration with Customer Care, Looker Support will also be available in the Google Cloud console. This means Customer Care Support will now serve as your one-stop shop for all queries pertaining to Looker. Instead of parallel workflows, you can raise and manage technical issues for Looker and Customer Care products consistently in a single, powerful experience without the inconvenience of switching between systems. If you'd like to have support via Chat, that will still be available through your Looker account.

When does this change go live?

Starting from August 1, 2022, you can file Looker cases via Google Cloud console. The actual transition to Customer Care becomes effective upon your next Looker renewal date. Until renewal, you do not incur any additional price increase for Looker support via Google Cloud console. Upon renewal, Looker Support will become a part of your existing Google Cloud support service and will be charged as per the applicable variable fee.

When will I stop receiving Looker support?

You will continue receiving support for Looker, only now your service will be integrated with Google Cloud and accessed through the Google Cloud console. This integration is to line up Looker support with your existing Google Cloud Support service from a system and contractual perspective. Support for Looker will be delivered as per the Google Cloud Support service you choose.

How will I submit support cases in the new system?

First, you'll need to be granted Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions by your Organizational Administrator. Once you have IAM permissions, you can reach out to support for help. If you want to raise a case, see How to create a support case.

Can I still use the chat function to file a case?

Yes. Support for Looker will continue to be offered via Chat, delivering the same convenient access that you're familiar with. Start here!

Why is the price increasing?

The Customer Care portfolio offers you the ability to choose a support service based on your organization's needs and budget. This portfolio includes different levels of support with various features that deliver added value to help your business thrive. Whether you're looking for fast responses, self-managed support, or Value-Add Services, you can find a service that suits your business needs. This not only means that you gain a richer support experience, but also gives you more control over choosing what's right for your business. All this additional value is reflected in the price.

Will my Service-Level Objective (SLO) change?

As Looker Support integrates into Google Cloud, you will transition to one of the Customer Care support services. Each service has its own SLO which means that your SLO might be different from what you're used to. The SLO change depends on the support package you had with Looker, and the support service you are transitioning to with Google Cloud. You may have the same SLOs after transition, or you may experience an increase or decrease in the SLOs. For information on SLOs, see Looker SLOs and Google Cloud SLOs.

For example, if you currently have Core Looker Support, switching to Customer Care Enhance support will maintain your response time SLO, while switching to Standard will mean an SLO decrease from 1 hour to 4 hours for P1. You can upgrade your support service anytime to get an SLO that suits your organization's needs.

What additional features are included in Google Cloud Support?

The Customer Care portfolio offers various levels of support, including Standard, Enhanced, and Premium support. Compare Customer Care services to find the one that best suits your business needs.

The portfolio also offers an array of custom Value-Add Services to supercharge support for your business. These offerings include the Technical Account Advisor Service, Planned Event Support, Assured Support, and Mission Critical Services. For more information, see Customer Care portfolio.

Where can I find directions for specific support procedures?

See Customer Care procedures & support activities for step-by-step instructions for Customer Care support procedures.

For Looker support procedures, see Looker Community Help Center.

Can I escalate cases?

Yes - If your case requires more attention or the impact to your business has increased, you can choose to escalate. From the Google Cloud console, you can quickly and easily escalate a case.

How do I get in touch with Google Cloud support?

Google Customer Care offers multi-channel access. This means you have multiple ways to reach out, making it easy for you to access the support and technical guidance you need through your preferred channel. For most customers, the Google Cloud console offers the best option. Seeking technical assistance through the Google Cloud console is quick and simple. Start here.

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