Premium Support overview

This page explains the features of Premium Support.

Premium Support is a paid support offering designed for enterprises that run mission critical workloads and require fast response times, platform stability, and increased operational efficiencies.

This overview covers the following aspects of Premium Support:

To purchase Premium Support, contact sales.

Working with your Technical Account Manager

As a Premium Support customer, you are assigned a named Technical Account Manager (TAM). Technical Account Managers are trusted technical advisors that focus on operational rigor, platform health, and architectural stability for your organization.

Your Technical Account Manager supports and guides you in the following ways:

  • Assists you with onboarding to Premium Support.
  • Assesses your cloud maturity and works with you to create an adoption roadmap and operating model.
  • Advises on best practices for using Google Cloud.
  • Delivers frequent Operational Health Reviews.
  • Connects you with Google technical experts, such as Product Managers and Support Engineers.
  • Works with you on support cases and case escalations. For high-priority cases, your TAM analyzes the incident and identifies root causes.

By default, you receive 8 hours per week of foundational technical account management services. If you require more assistance, you can purchase additional TAM services. To inquire about the available levels of technical account management support, contact your TAM.


The following sections describe the features that are included with your Premium Support offering.

Support cases

In addition to working with your Technical Account Manager, you can engage directly with Customer Care by creating support cases in the Google Cloud Console. With Premium Support, your cases are assigned to Technical Solutions Engineers (TSEs). TSEs have deep product knowledge across Google Cloud, as well as access to your architecture information and project details.

You can add an unlimited amount of users to your Premium Support offering. You manage your users' support access by using Identity and Access Management (IAM). For details about managing IAM roles and permissions, visit Access control.

When managing support cases as a Premium Support customer, you have access to the following features:

  • P1 response SLO: For Priority 1 (P1) support cases, receive the first meaningful response within 15 minutes.
  • Channels: Submit a support case by phone or email.
  • 24/7 availability: Receive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) for cases of certain priority and language.
  • Language support: Request support across multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. Depending on the case priority, language support is available 24/7 or in regional Business Hours.
  • Case escalation: Request additional attention on a support case by escalating the case directly from the Cloud Console.

To create and manage support cases, visit Managing cases.

For details on Customer Care availability, visit Language Support and Working Hours.

Exclusive features

This section describes the exclusive features that come with your Premium Support offering.

Customer Aware Support

While onboarding your organization to Premium Support, your TAM focuses on building Customer Aware Support. Customer Aware Support is a service that provides you with a jump start to resolving technical issues and improving your Premium Support experience.

Customer Care creates Customer Aware Support by learning about and maintaining information about your architecture, partners, and Google Cloud projects. This information ensures that our Technical Support Engineers can resolve your support cases promptly and efficiently.

Operational Health Reviews

Operational Health Reviews help you measure your progress and proactively address blockers to your goals with Google Cloud. The reviews serve as a regular touchpoint with your TAM where you can discuss various topics related to your Customer Care experience, including:

  • The efficiency of your cloud operations, including support trends.
  • Analysis of trends in operational metrics.
  • Incidents, case escalations, and outages.
  • Tracking of open cases.
  • Status reports for high-priority Cloud projects.

Event Management Service

You can use Premium Support's Event Management Service for planned peak events, such as a product launch or major sales event. With this service, Customer Care partners with your team to create a plan and provide guidance throughout the event.

With Event Management Service, your team is supported with the following tasks:

  • Preparing your systems for key moments and heavy workloads.
  • Running disaster tests to proactively resolve potential issues.
  • Developing and implementing a faster path to resolution to reduce the impact of any issues that might occur.

After the event, your TAM works with you to review the outcomes and make recommendations for future events.

To initiate the Event Management Service for an upcoming event, contact your TAM.


With Premium Support, you receive training credits for the Google Cloud Skills Boost that you can distribute to users in your organization. Your TAM identifies learning opportunities and indicates which training resources can be most beneficial to your organization. With this training, your developers have the resources to find answers quickly and test out ideas in safe environments. For each 1-year contract with Premium Support, you receive 6,250 credits.

To learn about training opportunities, visit the Google Cloud Skills Boost catalog.

New Product Previews

As a Premium Support customer, you have access to Previews of new Google Cloud products. By previewing a product, you have the opportunity to prepare your architecture for a new solution before it becomes more broadly available to the market.

With your organization's goals in mind, your TAM analyzes your Google Cloud projects and usage to identify opportunities to test and use new products and solutions. When your TAM identifies an opportunity, they introduce you to the product team and help you gain access to the Preview. As you test the product, your TAM also shares your feedback with the product team.

In addition to working with your TAM, you can request and manage access to Previews via the Cloud Console. In the Cloud Console, you can check the status of your requests and manage which users in your organization have access to Previews. To learn more about managing Preview access using the Cloud Console, visit Sign up for early access to Preview features.

Additional services

To automate and optimize your performance across Google Cloud, you have access to the following additional services:

  • Recommender: Receive recommendations and insights to help optimize your Google Cloud resources for cost, security, performance, and manageability. You can access Recommender through the Cloud Console, or to automate recommendations, you can enable the Recommender API.

    For an overview of Recommender, visit the Recommender documentation.

  • Cloud Support API: Use the Cloud Support API to programmatically view and manage your support cases. The API lets you cascade case data across platforms to improve visibility of issues within their workflow or ticketing systems.

    To learn about the Cloud Support API, visit the Cloud Support API overview.

  • Third-Party Technology Support: If you work with multiple Cloud providers, work with Customer Care to set up, configure, and troubleshoot your support experiences across third-party services.

    For details about providers and support tiers, visit Third-Party Technology Support.

Value Add Services

In addition to the features that come with Premium Support, you can purchase Value Add Services to build additional support capabilities for your organization.

This section outlines the Value Add Services that are available to Premium Support customers. To purchase a Value Add Service, contact sales.

Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Services assess and mitigate potential service disruptions for environments that are essential to an organization and cause significant impact to operations when disrupted. To prepare you for this service, Google Cloud analyzes your current operations and onboards you to Mission Critical Operations mode, a mode standardized by Google.

The onboarding process includes the following:

  • Assessing key elements of your mission critical environment, including architecture, observability, measurement, and control.
  • Delivering a gap analysis to help you prepare for mission critical operations.
  • Bringing your organization into Mission Critical Operations mode to drive continuous improvement of your environment through proactive and preventative engagement.

After you've onboarded, you receive the following services:

  • Drills, testing, and training for your mission critical environments
  • Customer-centric incident reporting
  • Proactive monitoring and case generation
  • Priority 0 (P0) support case filing privileges with 5-minute response time
  • War room incident management
  • Impact prevention follow-ups

Assured Support

Assured Support restricts support services to specific geographical locations and personnel conditions.

Together with Assured Workloads, Assured Support empowers you to be the ultimate arbiter of access to your sensitive data. It provides a holistic solution that you can set up with a few simple clicks, helping you address compliance at every stage of your cloud journey.

To learn more about this service, see Assured Workloads, Getting Support.

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