Close Your Cloud Platform Account

You can close your projects, billing accounts, or entire Google Cloud Platform account. Before closing your projects or accounts, you should backup any data or applications that you want to retain. After you have successfully protected your data, you can proceed with any of the following options.

Delete a project

As a project owner, you can follow the steps in Create, shut down, and restore projects to delete your projects. Shutting down a project stops all billing and traffic serving, shuts down any Google App Engine applications, and terminates all Google Compute Engine instances. All project data associated with Cloud Platform and Google APIs services becomes inaccessible.

Close a billing account

To close a billing account, follow the steps in Create, Modify, or Close Your Billing Account. Note that billing accounts cannot be deleted for accounting and regulatory reasons, but can be reopened should the need arise. After you close your billing account, we will bill you for the usage you accrued prior to cancelling your service. This bill will be the last bill you receive, unless you reactivate service.

Cancel a Cloud Platform account

Cancelling a Cloud Platform account is the same as closing a Google user account.

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