Standard Support overview

This page explains the features of Standard Support.

Standard Support is a paid Support offering recommended for small to medium organizations with workloads under development looking to begin their support journey. This offering helps you troubleshoot, test, and explore Google Cloud.

To purchase Standard Support, see Purchasing and setting up Standard Support.


The following sections describe the features that come with your Standard Support offering.

Support cases

As an Standard Support customer, you engage with Customer Care by creating support cases in the Google Cloud console.

You can add an unlimited amount of users to your Standard Support offering. You manage your users' level of support access using Identity and Access Management (IAM). For details about managing IAM roles and permissions, visit Access control.

When managing support cases as an Standard Support customer, you have access to the following features:

  • Response SLO: For Priority 2 (P2) support cases, receive the first meaningful response within 4 hours, in local business hours.
  • Channels: Submit a support case in the Google Cloud console and follow up by email.
  • Availability: Receive support during local business hours, Monday to Friday.
  • Language support: Request support in English.

To create and manage support cases, visit Managing cases.

You can also create and manage support cases using the Cloud Support API.

For details on Customer Care availability, visit Language Support and Working Hours.

Active assist recommendations

Receive recommendations and insights to help optimize your Google Cloud resources for cost, security, performance, and manageability. You can access the recommendations through the console. To learn more about active assist recommendations, visit the Recommender documentation.

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