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Make the most of your tech support experience with Technical Account Advisor Service

Get more expert support on your tech journey, from onboarding through optimization. As an Enhanced Support customer, you can purchase this service to receive proactive guidance to work on Google Cloud, Google Workspace, or Google for Education. 
Technical Account Advisor Service

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Get tailored guidance and operate with confidence

Technical Account Advisors provide increased oversight, manage escalations and critical issues, deliver regular service reviews, and proactively identify learning opportunities for your organization.

Drive your business forward with Technical Account Advisor Service

This service provides increased oversight and assistance from experts who are invested in your organization’s success and can assist you along your journey with Google Cloud, Google Workspace, or Google for Education. 

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"The combination of Enhanced Support and the Technical Account Advisor Service is the ideal solution for us at Moloco. It is an inexpensive way to access the timely attention we need, when we need it. From the start, we’ve experienced noticeable improvements with response time, technical guidance, and service reviews critical to our business success."

Changhoon Kim, VP of Engineering, Moloco

Receive proactive technical guidance and support at every stage, from onboarding to operations

Extend the capabilities of Enhanced Support and streamline your operations with attentive support and care from the Technical Account Advisor Service

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