Extending the Power of Cloud Platform

Take advantage of our growing partner ecosystem and tools to make working with Google Cloud SQL even easier. Our partners help you streamline the process of loading your data, create rich visualizations for meaningful insights, and monitor and manage your databases.

Visualization and business intelligence tools

Tableau is a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy for anyone to connect to their data in Google Cloud SQL, find insight, and share their findings. At the same time, Tableau customers can take advantage of Google Cloud SQL to store large amounts of data in an efficient, familiar, and easy-to-manage platform.

BIME by Zendesk connects to Google Cloud SQL so you can transform your data into beautiful reports and impactful dashboards. Available on both Web and mobile, BIME is a DIY analytics toolkit for anyone who wants to discover, understand, and share their data.

Transactional analytics in the cloud, made powerful and easy with Looker & Google Cloud SQL. Easily create a real time, self-service analytics environment in the cloud for anyone in your organization to get the data and insights they need to make better decisions.

Yellowfin is a 100% web-based platform ideal for Business Intelligence and analytics in the cloud. Connect to Google Cloud SQL and start exploring your data, build dashboards and deploy enterprise reporting.

ETL tools for loading data into Cloud SQL

Using Talend with Google Cloud SQL simplifies migration, ETL, and ELT, and allows you to operate in real-time to gain insights about your customers, markets and business.

Xplenty is an ETL cloud service that allows users to easily integrate and process data, with no coding and no deployment. You can use Xplenty to load data into Google Cloud SQL from a variety of data stores and web services, and easily extract data from Google Cloud SQL, transform the data and load it to other data stores such as Google BigQuery.

Attunity CloudBeam offers automated and optimized data loading from your enterprise databases into Google Cloud SQL - quickly, easily and affordably.

Dbvisit Replicate is a powerful and cost-effective solution that enables change detection and data synchronization from your Oracle database, streaming this information in real time to Google Cloud SQL for storage, analysis, reporting, or downstream feeding.

Monitoring and management tools

MONyog and SQLyog together provide a comprehensive solution to manage and monitor Google Cloud SQL.

ScaleArc database load balancing software inserts transparently between your application and Google Cloud SQL, immediately improving your application availability and performance.

Service partners

Pythian provides expert support for your Google Cloud SQL implementation; helping you take full advantage of Google Cloud SQL features such as painless data replication, vertical scaling (read and write), horizontal scaling (read), and more.

Percona’s experts can help you design or optimize your Google Cloud SQL services. Percona consultants have decades of experience solving complex database performance issues and design challenges, and the technical know-how to help migrate you from any database environment to Google Cloud SQL.