Important: Recommendations AI has migrated to the Retail API, which is now generally available.

The Recommendations AI API (service endpoint and this documentation set remain available, but they will no longer be updated. We recommend migrating your recommendations to the Retail API (service endpoint See the new documentation:

Method: projects.locations.catalogs.patch

Updates the catalog configuration.

HTTP request


The URL uses gRPC Transcoding syntax.

Path parameters



The fully qualified resource name of the catalog.

Query parameters


string (FieldMask format)

Optional. Indicates which fields in the provided 'catalog' to update. If not set, will only update the catalogItemLevelConfig field. Currently only fields that can be updated are catalogItemLevelConfig.

A comma-separated list of fully qualified names of fields. Example: "user.displayName,photo".

Request body

The request body contains an instance of Catalog.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of Catalog.

Authorization Scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.