Metrics Explorer

Metrics Explorer lets you build ad-hoc charts for any metric collected by your project. You can use Metrics Explorer to explore data that you might not necessarily need on a dashboard, although charts built with Metrics Explorer can be saved to dashboards. You can also create a URL for the chart so it can be shared.

The following screenshot shows a metric charted on the Metrics Explorer page:

Metric charted using Metrics Explorer

The Metrics Explorer interface consists of two primary regions:

  • A configuration region with two tabs:
    • Use the Metric tab to select the metric to explore. This tab brings up the metric-selector UI. For detailed information on how to select the metric of interest, see Selecting metrics.
    • Use the View Options tab to change the display characteristics of the chart. This tab brings up the chart-configuration UI.
  • A chart showing the selected metric.

Shared components and documentation

The components of the Metrics Explorer page are used in multiple places. For example, the Add Chart page, used for creating a chart to add to a dashboard, is nearly indistinguishable from Metrics Explorer, offering the same tabs and chart region. The page for creating alerting-policy conditions uses the same metric selector for selecting a target monitored by the alerting policy.

Because these components are shared, they also share documentation. Using charts describes the charts created and used in both Metrics Explorer and on dashboards. The following sections are the most important:

Finding Metrics Explorer

To bring up Metrics Explorer, follow Resources > Metrics Explorer on the Stackdriver console.

Go to the Metrics Explorer page

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