Collect on-premises and hybrid-cloud metrics

Using BindPlane, a solution provided by Google Cloud Observability partner observIQ, you can collect metrics from over 50 common application components, on-premise systems, and hybrid cloud systems. BindPlane sends metrics to Monitoring, so that you can view those metrics within the same dashboards, charts, uptime checks, and alerts as your other monitored systems. BindPlane is included with your Google Cloud project at no additional cost.

BindPlane lets you collect telemetry from a variety of sources and export
that data to Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging.

BindPlane versions

observIQ offers several versions of BindPlane. For a comparison of features in each version, see What version of BindPlane is best for you?.

Setting up BindPlane

For detailed information about setting up BindPlane, see the BindPlane OP Quickstart Guide.