Manage integrations

This guide provides instructions on how to configure third-party integrations through the Google Cloud console.

Cloud Monitoring provides the Ops Agent to collect metrics and logging from your virtual machine (VM) instances using a single agent. You can also configure the Ops Agent to collect telemetry from third-party applications, such as Apache Web Server, MySQL, Redis, and others.

Get started

To access the Integrations page, in the console, select Monitoring in the navigation pane and then select Integrations. You can also click the following button:

Go to Monitoring Integrations

The following screenshot shows an example of the Monitoring Integrations page:

The **Integrations** page in Monitoring shows which integrations
are available to users.

The Integrations page displays the following information:

  1. A summary of how many VMs have an agent installed.

  2. Quick filters to display which integrations are available and which ones you've installed.

  3. The list of integrations that are currently supported. This section provides a filter bar so that you can search for one or more integrations. The list indicates if an integration is installed on one or more VMs, and it also indicates if an integration has a predefined dashboard installed.

Configure integrations

To add an integration to your VMs, click View details to open the details panel for that integration.

The following screenshot shows an example of the details panel:

Example details panel with links to documentation on how to configure the

For each integration, the details panel provides a Configuration tab that displays the following:

  • links to resources for installing the Ops Agent.

  • information on what telemetry the Ops Agent collects.

If a predefined dashboard is available for that integration, then the details panel displays a Dashboards tab. This tab provides example dashboards for the integration so that you can visualize the telemetry that the Ops Agent collects.

View dashboards

After configuring the integration, Monitoring automatically installs the predefined dashboard for that integration. For information on using dashboards, see Dashboards and charts.