Monitoring third-party applications

This guide explains how to configure the Cloud Monitoring agent to monitor supported third-party applications. Configuration is only possible when the Monitoring agent is running on Linux. The Monitoring agent on Windows monitors IIS and MS SQL applications; however, on these systems the agent cannot be configured to collect metrics from other third-party applications.

See Agent metrics for a list of the available metrics from the third-party applications. The configuration files are in the Monitoring agent's GitHub configuration repository.

After you have installed the Monitoring agent, see the following configuration instructions for supported third-party applications:

Support for the following plugins was dropped in the Monitoring agent major version 6. Those plugins are supported but deprecated in Monitoring agent versions lower than 6.0.0. For more information about this deprecation, refer to the Plugins deprecation guide.

For agent versions lower than 6.0.0, see the configuration instructions for these third-party applications: