About StratoZone

This page provides an overview of StratoZone features and functionality.

StratoZone is a platform available at portal.stratozone.com. It provides you with a data-driven framework to migrate your IT infrastructure to Google Cloud.

With the StratoZone assessment, you can automatically discover existing infrastructure from any environment, analyze the cost-benefits of public cloud, and plan the migration.

How the StratoZone assessment works

StratoZone is a fast and comprehensive assessment that helps you migrate your infrastructure to Google Cloud. With the StratoProbe data collector, you can automatically discover and scan your servers into the StratoZone portal. Alternatively, you can import other sources of data, such as RVTools and ServiceNow, directly into the StratoZone portal for a 1:1 cost comparison.

The StratoZone assessment provides you with actionable insights based on the configuration, utilization, network-dependencies, and installed applications, for each server.


Using StratoZone for your infrastructure assessment provides several advantages:

  • Installing and configuring StratoZone typically takes less than 45 minutes. After the installation, StratoZone can collect data from thousands of resources in hours. Initial results are available within a few days.
  • The discovery of your resources uses an agentless process: there are no appliances, hardware, or agents to deploy. The discovery is agnostic about hypervisors, and physical or virtual resources.
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. StratoZone doesn't collect sensitive data or data that is subject to regulatory requirements. You can also control which data is sent to StratoZone by using built-in data anonymization features.

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