Start an asset discovery

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The asset discovery feature in Google Cloud Migration Center allows you to find physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) in your infrastructure, and gather detailed information about every component to help you plan and execute your migration.

You can perform an asset discovery on your own, or request for assistance from a Google customer engineer.

Before you begin

About data collection and security

Migration Center provides you with different ways to collect data about your infrastructure. The following sections help you decide which method to use depending on your use case.

Collection methods

You can import data into Migration Center with the following methods:

  • Allow discovery client to scan your infrastructure and gather configuration and performance data. To learn how automatic data collection works, see About discovery client.

  • Upload your infrastructure data generated with RVTools directly into Migration Center. For more details, see how to import data from RVTools.

Security and privacy

For every server in your existing environment, Migration Center collects the following information:

  • Machine information
  • Configuration data
  • Utilization data
  • Network dependencies
  • Installed software

The breadth of data collected depends on the collection method you select, as well as any security settings that are applied during setup.

Other than IP addresses, Migration Center does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) or data subject to PCI or HIPAA compliance requirements. Migration Center does not collect data from within your applications or file storage. For more information about the data collected, see Collection methods.

All collected data is used solely to analyze your IT infrastructure for a cloud assessment and migration plan. Your data is never sold to any third parties.

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