Manage Migration Center discovery client CLI

This document describes how you can manage the Migration Center discovery client CLI.

Before you begin

Automatic version check

By default, the mcdc CLI performs a version check once every 24 hours. When you run the mcdc CLI and a new version is available, a message is displayed which indicates that the version of mcdc CLI that is available for you to upgrade to. This version check requires an internet connection.

  • When needed, configure a proxy to access the internet:

    ./mcdc config set proxy PROXY

    Replace PROXY with the IP address of the HTTP or HTTPS proxy. For example, or socks5://

  • Deactivate the automatic version check by setting the disable_version_checking option:

    ./mcdc config set disable_version_checking true

Manage configurations

You can manage the configuration properties by using the config command.

  • Print all configuration properties and their values:

    ./mcdc config list
  • Print the value of a configuration property:

    ./mcdc config get PROPERTY_NAME

    Replace PROPERTY_NAME with the name of the property for which you want to print the value.

  • Set a configuration property:

    ./mcdc config set proxy PROXY
  • Reset a configuration property to its default value:

    ./mcdc config unset proxy

Manage usage statistics

The mcdc CLI sends pseudoanonymized usage information that can help Google to prioritize discovery and assessment features and improvements. These usage statistics are handled in accordance with Google Cloud Privacy Notice. This section describes how you can change whether usage statistics are sent to Google at any time after you've installed the mcdc CLI.

  • Disable sending usage statistics:

    ./mcdc config set disable_usage_reporting true
  • Enable sending usage statistics:

    ./mcdc config set disable_usage_reporting false

Delete collected data from host machine

  • After you've collected data and exported it to Migration Center or completed an offline assessment, you can delete the data from the local database:

    ./mcdc discover purge-db -db DATABASE_NAME

    Replace DATABASE_NAME with the path to the database where the collected data is stored. Typically, it is in the same directory where you installed the mcdc CLI.

What's next