Set up the migration timeline

On the Migration timeline page, you can set up the migration timeline.

Migration waves take time to plan, schedule, and execute. Also, the advanced migration waves tend to take longer to execute than the initial wave. Gauging the cost over multiple years provides a long-term projection and a more transparent cost.

Before you begin

Complete the steps to specify infrastructure and workload details.

Set up the migration timeline

  1. Enter your expectations for cumulative percentage completion of the migration for each year.

    For example, if you expect 60% migration to complete in the first year, and 10% each year for the next four years, enter 60 for year 1, 70 for year 2, 80 for year 3, 90 for year 4, and 100 for year 5.

  2. To review and export your estimate results, click Submit.

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