What is Google Cloud Migration Center?

Google Cloud Migration Center is a unified platform that helps you accelerate your end-to-end cloud journey from your current on-premises or cloud environments to Google Cloud. With features like cloud spend estimation, asset discovery of your current environment, and a variety of tooling for different migration scenarios, Migration Center provides you with what you need for your migration.

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The tools within Migration Center let you estimate your cloud costs, scan and assess your infrastructure, and plan your migration without making changes to your applications or workloads. Read more about each of these key feature sets.

Google Cloud Migration Center flow.

Estimate your cloud costs

Migration Center lets you generate a rapid cost estimate of your future cloud costs based on the size and configuration of the resources in your current on-premises environment. This lets you and your organization take some guesswork out of future cloud budgets.

Learn how to generate a rapid cost estimate.

Discover your assets

Migration Center helps you create an inventory of your assets, including servers, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, by automatically scanning your on-premises environment. By automating as much of this as possible with Migration Center, it saves your organization time and energy that would otherwise be spent collecting this data manually.

However, if you don't want automatic data collection for your assets, you can also choose to manually upload your infrastructure data into Migration Center.

Learn how to discover your assets.

Assess your infrastructure

With Migration Center and other integrated Google Cloud products, such as StratoZone, you can dive deep in the analysis and get a holistic view into your environment.

  • Generate total cost of ownership reports based on the migration preferences that you specify according to your business objectives and constraints.
  • Identify application and network dependencies to know which components you must migrate together.
  • Get data-driven suggestions based on a technical fit assessment on the Google Cloud products to migrate your assets to, and know the costs in advance.

Learn how to assess your infrastructure.

Plan your migration

By leveraging the detailed assessment, you can plan your migration more easily and quickly, while lowering the overall migration risks. Migration Center provides you with many tools to help you in this journey, including best practices to plan a migration and prescriptive recommendations on what you should migrate and how.

Learn how to plan your migration.


When you need to migrate your infrastructure to Google Cloud, Migration Center can help you with many different tools that support a variety of migration strategies like rehost, replatform, and refactor.

Learn how to execute your migration.

Through a thorough assessment, clear planning, and a comprehensive toolset give your organization the power to drive a successful end-to-end migration.

Get started with Migration Center

To get started with the migration tools within Migration Center, see the following topics:

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