Migration preferences for PostgreSQL

This page describes the available migration preferences for PostgreSQL database deployments.

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL settings

Migration Center lets you use Cloud SQL as the target database deployment for your database.

  • From the Cloud SQL edition list, select the edition to which you want to migrate. For more information, see Cloud SQL editions features.
  • From the Sizing method list, select the sizing strategy that you want to apply during the migration. If you select Utilization based, Migration Center uses performance metrics from your database, if available, to provide sizing recommendations.
  • From the Storage type list, select the type of storage that you want to use for your database.


The Availability section lets you specify how to distribute your database across Google Cloud zones.

  • From the Zones list, select either Single zone or Multiple zones. Choosing multiple zones for your database provides a backup zone in case the primary zone becomes unavailable.

Automatic backup

In the Automatic backup section, choose if you want to enable automatic backups.

For more information, see About Cloud SQL backup.

Pricing track

Specify your preferred pricing track for the database that you migrate to Google Cloud.

Choose between a flat-rate, on demand pricing, or a committed use of one or three years. Committed use discounts (CUDs) apply when you choose a committed use, and appear in your TCO report.

For more information, see Cloud SQL pricing.

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