Migration Center discovery client CLI overview

The Migration Center discovery client CLI or mcdc CLI is an offline tool that lets you run different types of asset discoveries on your infrastructure. These asset discoveries scan the physical servers and virtual machine (VM) instances in your infrastructure to collect all the required information for a successful migration assessment to Google Cloud. Migration Center provides advanced migration recommendations and planning capabilities, however, if you're working with sensitive data and don't want to upload it to Google Cloud, you can choose to run an offline assessment instead.

The mcdc CLI has the following advantages:

  • It doesn't require installation.
  • It runs on Linux and Windows host machines.
  • It creates offline assessment reports.

You can use the data collected by running a mcdc CLI discovery to do the following:

Using the mcdc CLI, you can run the following discoveries:

  • Inventory discovery: lets you scan and list all the VMs in your infrastructure. However, the mcdc CLI supports inventory discovery for VMs running on VMWare and AWS only.
  • Guest discovery: lets you scan and collect data about the running applications on your machines, which includes both VMs and physical servers. It also collects data about the machine configurations, hardware, network, as well as open files, services, and processes.
  • IP range scan: lets you detect all assets in your network, verify credentials, and scan the detected assets. It collects data using a guest discovery. This method is useful in cases where you might have several machines in an IP range, or when you don't have much knowledge about the infrastructure you want to scan. It is also useful for discovering the physical servers in your network. However, the mcdc CLI supports data collection through IP range scan for Linux machines only.


  • The mcdc CLI can export data of only up to 10,000 machines to Migration Center.

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