Create and manage reports in StratoZone

With StratoZone, you can create downloadable reports in various formats to view and share the results of your assessments.

This page explains how to create and manage your reports. To learn about the available reports in StratoZone, see Available report types.

Generate reports

To generate a report in StratoZone, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the StratoZone portal.

  2. Click Reports. The Report dashboard page displays a list of cards.

    Report dashboard in StratoZone

  3. On the card of the report that you want to generate, click Generate report.

  4. Enter the report name, choose the report format, and, where applicable, select the filter criteria that you want to apply.

  5. Select Notify via email when report is complete.

  6. Click Create report to start generating the report.

You will receive an email when the report is ready.

For all reports, if you are logged in to StratoZone, you will also receive an alert notification when the report has been generated.

View and download reports

To view the complete list of your generated reports, in the Reports tab, under Views, click Download queue.

Download queue of reports in StratoZone

To download a report, under the Action column, click Download report file next to the report.

Find generated reports

If you have a large number of reports in the Report download queue page, to find the report you are looking for, search by name using the search box.

Also, you can use the available filters to limit the search by Status, Report type, Report name, and File format.

Perform actions on the reports

For every report on the Report download queue page, you can perform the following actions.

View filter criteria

To view the filter criteria that you applied to the report, under the Action column, click the down arrow next to the report to expand the row and show the details.

Delete a report

To delete a report from the Report download queue page, under the Action column, click the trash can icon next to the report, and confirm by clicking Delete when prompted.

Clone a report

To create a report of the same type of an existing one, use the clone feature:

  1. On the Report download queue page, click the Clone & edit icon next to the report you want to clone. A dialog panel opens.

  2. On the dialog panel, enter the name for the new report, select the format, and select the filters you want to apply.

  3. To generate the new report, click Create report.

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