Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

Start building what's next using Google Cloud Platform

Short tutorials to help you get started with Cloud Platform products, services, and APIs.
Create a Linux VM

Create a VM instance, connect to it, and delete it

Product: Google Compute Engine

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Store a File and Share It

Create a bucket, upload a file to it, share it, and organize it in a folder.

Product: Google Cloud Storage

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Deploy a Docker Container Image

Use Cloud Shell to configure gcloud and run a container image.

Product: Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SDK

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Train a TensorFlow Model

Train locally, in the Cloud with a single worker, and in the Cloud distributedly.

Product: Machine Learning API

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Run Label Detection on an Image

Upload an image to Cloud Storage and make a Label Detection request to the Cloud Vision API Service.

Product: Vision API

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Deploy a Python Application on App Engine

Create a small App Engine application that displays a short message.

Product: Google App Engine

Average Time Required: 30 min

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Cloud Minute
Learn everything from how to add APIs to a Cloud Platform project to how to create a bucket with the Google Cloud Storage browser in these 60 second videos.
Sample Projects
Dive right into coding with these examples that demonstrate how to use popular and powerful GCP products and features.
Bookshelf App
The Bookshelf app is a sample web app that shows how to use a variety of Google Cloud Platform products, including:
  • App Engine flexible environment
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Storage
  • Compute Engine

Get started with the programming languages

Bookshelf web app with two titles displayed: Treasure Island and The Wonderful World of Oz
Translating Text

Using the Google Cloud Translation API is a great way to get started on GCP. These code samples will show you how.

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Sentiment Analysis Tutorial

Start exploring and developing applications with the Google Cloud Natural Language.

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Google Cloud Vision API Samples

These samples will get you started using the Cloud Vision API in several languages. The mobile app examples are particularly fun.

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Google Cloud Speech API Samples

These samples will get you started using the Cloud Speech API in several languages, plus a mobile app example on iOS.

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Developer and Management Tools
Tools and libraries to enhance developer productivity on Google Cloud Platform.
Cloud SDK

Command-line interface for Google Cloud Platform products and services.

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Cloud Shell

Manage your infrastructure and applications from the command-line in any browser.

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Cloud Console

Your integrated Google Cloud Platform management console.

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Additional Resources

Technical documentation for GCP products and services.

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Tutorials, architecture guides and additional resources to help you build on GCP.

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Discover support options, find developer communities, and contact technical support.

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In-depth Tutorials

Combine GCP features and services to create business solutions.

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GCP offers customer friendly pricing up to 50% less than other cloud providers.

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Quickly learn to develop, manage, and design solutions on GCP with training and certification programs.

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