Terraform and Infrastructure Manager

To work with Infrastructure Manager (Infra Manager), you should be familiar with Terraform. To learn more about Terraform, start with HashiCorp's What is Terraform?.

Infra Manager deploys infrastructure resources and configurations that are defined in a Terraform configuration. These configurations can consist of multiple files and directories but their entrypoint must be a Terraform root module.

Infra Manager uses the term blueprint to refer to a Terraform configuration.

To learn more about Terraform with Google Cloud, see Terraform on Google Cloud.

Terraform modules for Google Cloud

For a set of modules to provision Google Cloud resources, see Terraform blueprints and modules for Google Cloud.

You can also create your own Terraform modules for Google Cloud. For more details, see Creating Modules.

Constraints on Terraform configurations

To use Infrastructure Manager to deploy a Terraform configuration, the configuration has the following constraints.

  • A valid Terraform root module must be provided. Templating or generation of Terraform is not supported.
  • The configuration should be actuatable by Terraform version 1.2.3.
  • Backend blocks shouldn't be defined.
  • Provisioners are not supported.

The Terraform configurations that you use to define Google Cloud resources are treated as service data. For this reason, don't create configuration values that contain sensitive information. For information about how service data is handled, see the Google Cloud Privacy Notice.

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